ALPA Trans

ALPA Trans is the company- resident of the Russian Federation and the official freight forwarder of JSC Russian Railways since 2005.

ALPA Trans provides the following rail freight forwarding services:
  • Forwards export/import and transit freights by railways in Russian Federation, CIS, Baltic and EU States.

  • Organises transportation of wagons by railways in Russian Federation domestically and to Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia without direct involvement of the recipient (using digital signature).

  • Accepts and makes payments in multiple currencies: KZT, RUB, CHF, EUR and USD.

  • Ensures shipment tracking and cargo monitoring.

  • Advises on issues related to: railway transportation of various types of cargo, route optimization, tariffs, railway station codes, routes, delivery lead times and rail freight policies.

ALPA Trans closely cooperates with companies based in Byelorussia and Kazakhstan and organizes cargo deliveries within the Customs Union.

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ALPA Trans
Bolshoj Haritonjevskij pereulok 9, office 2
Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation
Ph.: +7 (495) 6243431, +7 (495) 6243910
Fax: +7 (495) 6244274